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March 23, 2021

Kirsten Wyatt: Ready to lead on day one


As mayor of West Linn, and a mom, I know how important it is to elect dedicated, thoughtful and competent people to leadership roles in our community. That is why I am supporting Kirsten Wyatt for WLWV School Board.

Kirsten's commitment to our community can be seen in her roles as chair of the School District Budget Committee and West Linn Library Foundation. Kirstin's commitment to service is also deeply woven throughout her professional career as executive director of ELGL, where she uses her leadership skills to impact and shape local governments across the country.


Kirsten has an acute openness to learning, solution-centric ideals, and connects with people on a human level. She is a skilled policymaker and approaches issues with a focus on equity and inclusion. Kirsten is a leader our community can trust and our kids can look up to during these trying times.

Please join me in voting for Kirsten Wyatt for Position 3 on the WLWV School Board!

- Jules Walters, West Linn

March 3, 2021

Why I am running for WL-WV school board


Like many of you, I have experienced sleepless nights in the last year, worried about my 11-year old and 9-year old daughters who attend Trillium Creek Primary School -  are they okay?  Is online school working?  When will sports and activities restart? Is anyone listening to the needs of families and students? Is it safe to return to the classroom? 


I filed my candidacy for the West Linn-Wilsonville (WLWV) School Board to answer these tough questions. As the current chair of the WLWV Budget Committee and a lifelong public servant, I’m ready to work with all families and students to address these hard questions. Here’s what you can expect from me:

April 1, 2021

Kirsten Wyatt and Seiji Shiratori need our support


Our children are our greatest asset. Who we vote to put in charge of making decisions within our school district is a vital responsibility we must ALL show up for. There are two people that have stepped up to lead in West Linn-Wilsonville who need our support.

Seiji Shiratori and Kirsten Wyatt have made commitments to:

  • Lead with science;

  • Include student voice in decision making;

  • Integrate policies that support the whole child;

  • Preserve and expand quality curriculum and education outcomes;

  • Increase transparency and enact robust family engagement practices.

Above all, they each have their children enrolled in the WLWV District. Their commitment is not superficial or ideological, they've dug in and shown real leadership for their children and every child in our public school system. We must elect leaders, district parents, and dynamic leaders ready on day one. Kirsten and Seiji are just that.

- Cody Bellamy, West Linn

March 18, 2021

Kirsten Wyatt is the Leader Our District Needs Now


Leadership in the time of great crisis and rebuilding is imperative. That’s why I’m supporting Kirsten Wyatt for Position 3 on the WLWV School Board.


Whether Kirsten is working in her professional capacity, volunteering within our community, or helping her kids navigate through one of the most challenging school years she embodies tenacity and hope. Kirsten’s solution-centered outlook ensured our District’s budget became a standard-bearer and award winner. Her support of the Library Foundation has added stability and financial solvency. Above all, I see Kirsten as someone our children, families, teachers, and staff can look to for support, empathy, guidance, and clarity.


We live in an amazing community and we deserve great leaders. There’s no one better in this exact moment to bring us through these tumultuous times than Kirsten Wyatt. 

- Emily Teixeira, West Linn

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